Alfa Laval (India) Gains Value And Volume

Alfa Laval (India) reported volume of 84,000 shares by 2:31 pm IST on BSE, a wave of 24.34 in two weeks times average daily volume of 3,000 shares. The shares rose 16.91% to 2297.10 rupees before a board meeting today, September 19, 2011, to consider the cancellation of the shares of Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The action peaked at Rs 2357.80 so far during the day, a record high for the counter.

Gravita scored the volume of 5.16 lakh units, up 17.71 times over two weeks the average daily volume of 29,000 shares of India. The stock springs 377.95 19.64% to Rs.

Fortis Healthcare (India) won the volume of 7.13 shares lakh, 17.46 times more than two weeks, the average amount of 41 000 shares daily. It fell 0.88% to RS 145.80.

Basic education and Technologies saw volumes of 2.33 lakh shares, up 5.62 times over the two weeks the average daily volume of 41,000 shares. The stock fell 2.13% to Rs 285.55.

Century Textiles & Industries for a total of 4.30 lakh shares, an increase of 5.09 times of one to two weeks of average daily volume of 84,000 shares. The stock fell 1.87% to 283.60 RS.


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