Elecon Engineering Wins New Order Win

The company has announced a new order win during market hours today, September 16, 2011.

Meanwhile, the BSE Sensex rose 97.99 points, or 0.58% at 16,974.53

BSE 88 859 parts were exchanged on the counter than the average amount of daily 93 974 parts in recent quarters.

The action peaked at Rs 75.70 and Rs 73.40 at least so far during the day. The action peaked at 103.70 rupees 52 weeks of October 15, 2010 and 52-week low of Rs 59.30 February 9, 2011.

Small businesses in stock outperformed the market the last months until 15 September 2011, gaining 2.6% compared to Sensex is up 0.22%. Stock Exchange had also outperformed the market last quarter, up from 6.95% to 6.93% decline in Sensex.

Elecon Engineering Company net profit rose 11.9% to Rs 14.91 crore up 3.7% of net sales to RS 254.34 crore in the first quarter, in June 2011 at the First District in June 2010.

Elecon manufactures advanced equipment, bulk material handling. The company is also part of the processing equipment design, manufacturing, assembly and coal. The company also has a separate division manufacture of gears.


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