Jaiprakash Associates, Booking Profits Slide

Meanwhile, the BSE Sensex up 135.62 points, or 0.8%, to 17012.16

On BSE, 10.12 lakh shares were traded at the front desk at a daily average of 20.01 lakh shares in the quarter.

The stock reached a high of Rs 70.75 and a minimum of Rs 68.50 so far during the day. The stock touched a low of 52 weeks of Rs 54.45 August 26, 2011. The stock reached a high of Rs 140.80 52 weeks of November 9, 2010.

Jaiprakash Associates stock was 8.64% in two trading days in the RS 69.75 September 15, 2011: R 64.20 September 13, 2011. In stock had outperformed the market the last months until 15 September 2011, gaining 12.59% compared to 0.22% increase in Sensex. Stock Exchange was weaker than the market in recent quarters, which are 15.45% compared to Sensex down 6.93%.

The company diversified large-cap has a capital of Rs 425.29 crore. The nominal value per share is second RS

Jaiprakash Associates net profit ‘fell 79.26% decline in RS 107.04 crore a% of net sales RS 3142.33 crore in Q1 June 2011 over Q1 June 2010.

Jaiprakash Associates is an engineering and construction, which also has interests in the areas of hospitality and power, in addition to cement.


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