Maruti Suzuki Skids Grief Work Continues

Meanwhile, the BSE Sensex was up 210.11 points or 1.25% at 16,955.46.

On BSE, 52,000 shares were traded in the counter compared to an average daily volume of 73,038 shares in the last quarter.

In stock has reached a level of Rs 1,146.95 and low of Rs 1116 so far during the day. In stock had hit a low of Rs 14 to 52 weeks, 1045 in September 2011. In stock had hit a high of 52 weeks of Rs 1,599.90 November 1, 2010.

The stock has underperformed the market over the past one month, until 19 September 2011, falling 1.86% compared to Sensex’s 3.74% gain. The bag had outperformed the market during the quarter from 2.28% against 6.30% in Sensex fall.

The largest Indian car manufacturer by sales has an equity capital of Rs 144.46 crore. Nominal value per share is Rs 5

Sunday evening, September 18, 2011, police had arrested three senior leaders representing workers at the plant Maruti Manesar – Sonu Gujjars President, General Secretary Shiv Kumar and Ravinder Kumar, an executive member of the public Maruti Suzuki Union. The three remain in custody at the prison legal Bhondsi for 14 days, the court dismissed their appeal on bail. They tend to file new applications for bail on Tuesday, September 20, 2011, media reports suggest.

There were no problems at the plant in Manesar from August 29, 2011, when the company had asked employees to sign a “behavior contract”

Shares of Maruti Suzuki India rose 3.09% to 1140.80 rupees, Monday, September 19, 2011, reports that the company had resumed operations at its two plants on Sunday (September 18, 2011), who worked at least two parties manufacturing units of its parent Suzuki Motor Corp dropped strike. Maruti factories had closed Friday, September 16, 2011, after nearly 1,900 workers went on strike in India and Suzuki Powertrain Suzuki molding. The strike led to a shortage of critical components, including diesel engines and transmissions in some models of gasoline vehicles, forcing the automaker to halt operations in Gurgaon and Manesar plants, which are located in the northern state of Haryana.

Maruti is September 13, 2011, said it had hired 100 employees per unit of effort to increase its regular fresh Manesar car production and reduce the waiting time for one of its best selling models, the Swift. Maruti has been added to workers fresh Manesar just 104 total 950 full-time employees of the so-called Maruti Suzuki Employees Union have signed a good behavior bond until further notice.

Maruti, last month, the factory has stopped after 950 regular employees asked to sign a bond before they can enter the factory. The move came after the company said it has found a serious quality problems and deliberate self-produced in a factory.

Maruti, earlier this month, welding work started a second plant at Manesar, about one month in advance, to help increase production at the factory where first exposed to labor.

Maruti vehicle sales dropped 12.74% complete, and 91,442 units in August 2011 to August 2010. Disturbances in the production of the company’s Manesar plant in late August, were negatively impacted sales during the month, Maruti said in a statement. Net sales of the company in the domestic market decreased by 16.82%, and 77,086 units in August 2011 to August 2010. Exports grew by 18.48%, and 14 356 units.

The net profit of Maruti Suzuki India has increased from 18% to Rs 549.23 million rupees in the 3.4% increase in net sales of R 8361.47 crore in Q1 June 2011 in Q1 June 2010. The company announced the results of July 26, 2011. Other income rose 79.2% to Rs 180.07 crore in Maruti in June 2011 in Q1 Q1 June 2010, which contributed to the growth essential for the automaker.

At the time of announcement of results for the first quarter, the company said higher commodity prices and currency volatility put pressure on margins in the first district in June 2011. The car market was sluggish, mainly due to a sharp rise in fuel prices and interest rates higher, Maruti said.

Japanese parent, Suzuki Motor Corporation holds 54.21% stake in Maruti Suzuki.


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