NRI IT Filing

  • For a nonresident, only income that is received or paid in india is taxable.
  • NRI, regardless of their sex and age to get a basic exemption of Rs.1,60,000 / – not only offer products to invest in Indian Stock Market but also help you meet your financial needs, whether your investment goals or help with something with the submission of their tax revenue.

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Income from investments in India are subject to tax and control the formality of your location abroad may be very hectic.We can help you in your tax return.

Its a once in a while I forgot to pressure on last-minute application for the return of capital. This is what we call a high quality service.

For NRI, there are two sources of income.

a) Income, he earn and retain outside India

b) the income he earns in India, there might be some interest in FD,  or can be made by selling some property or something.

In this case, if the selled amount is greater than the limit imposed lakhs is 1.6 per year. Then you have to give statements.


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  1. Aaryan, 6 years ago

    Good website, NRI IT filing is made easy and in few steps.