Readings From The Scale Guarseed

Strong buoyancy is likely to continue in the market because of the precipitation deficit guarseed in major producing regions guarseed with strong export demand for guargum. The term NCDEX guarseed swelled by nearly 14% last week. Traders expect to Rs 5000 per quintal in the coming days.

According to market sources, guarseed the main producing regions, like Barmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur in Rajasthan reported rainfall deficit this year. Similar trend was also seen in Haryana that areas such as Hissar, Rewari and Sirsa had a low rainfall this year. Traders noted that poor rainfall can reduce the production guarseed nearly 40% this year to around 82-85 lakh bags (1 bag = 100 kg) against 120 lakh bags, which were reported by operators in recent years. Moreover, by reducing the transfer of stocks in the Mandi guarseed guarseed great promotion prices in the short term. As the market sources report total inventories reported guarseed to 20 lakh bags, down nearly 50% of normal carryover stocks of the past five years. This is mainly due to strong export demand for guargum. Traders expected total demand for exports of guargum this year was reported at 4.20 lakh tonnes against the second

30 lakh tonnes, which was reported last year in the same period. Therefore, strong demand guargum against declining supplies in the physical market prompted strong gains in the market guarseed.

NCDEX guarseed future Benchmark completed in August by nearly Rs 555 per quintal last week’s trading at Rs 4678 per quintal today. Traders are waiting for the R 4900 RS 5000 per quintal in the coming days  PAN Card for NRI.


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