Shriram EPC, A Subsidiary Of Winning Rs 75 Crore Gail

Shriram EPC has announced that its subsidiary Hamon Shriram Cottrell (HSCL), has signed an agreement amounting to Rs 75 crore Gas Authority India (Gail), the construction of the cooling tower and cooling water treatment plant for Pata petrochemical complex in Uttar Pradesh. The agreement will be implemented in 20 months NRI Share Trading Account.

HSCL specializes in building and construction of cooling towers and pollution control systems, and has set as one of the leading suppliers of business. It ‘been at the forefront of new technologies and business, and responded to the dawn of fiberglass cooling towers in India. HSCL has recently forayed natural draft cooling towers. HSCL is a joint venture Shriram EPC, and the Hamon Group, Belgium.


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