Sugar output falls by 29% till December due to delay in Crushing

Maharastra , the country’s largest sugar producing state , has produced 22.14 LT of sugar last year . 154 mills have been operated
till december 2013 . In the first three months of 2013 – 2014 ,the sugar Production has started to fell by 29% to 57.39 lakh tonnes due to delay in crushing . Nowadays the output of the sugar is catching up the last year’s trend so if the center announces the export incentives, then result will much better.

“Indian sugar mill association” (ISMA) announced that the lower production of sugar is due to the cane pricing problem.UttarPradesh , the second largest sugar producing state has produced 11.3 LT by last year . The sugar recovery in maharastra was 10.19 % and at the meantime it was 8.75% in uttarpradesh.ISMA said that the mills has produced 1.96 LT till november 2013 was much higher than 81,000 tonnes of raw sugar is produced in the years of 2012-2013.

“It clearly shows that the mills are very eager to produce raw sugar for exports however the production will improve if the government quickly announces the incentives “ said by the industry body.


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