Zodiac Clothing Company Members Undertake To Issue Shares

The members of Zodiac Clothing Company in the Extraordinary General Meeting was held on September 17, 2011 was approved to provide and distribute 6,410,532 shares (the “Shares Bonus”) of Rs 10 each, fully paid and credited, the right members the company’s holding in the share capital of SR 10 each of whose names appear on the list as a member company of the date (record date), because the government can determine the proportion of one new fully paid shares of Rs 10 each for every two ordinary shares of RS 10 was considered as the record date, using a sum not exceeding Rs 6.41 crore.

Members approved the increase in authorized share capital of Rs 20 crore divided into 2,00,00,000 ordinary shares of Rs 10 to Rs 30 crore each divided into 3,00,00,000 ordinary shares of 10 rupees each by the creation of 1.00 00,000 additional shares of capital of 10 rupees each.


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